Lithuanian Genealogy Taking on the task of Lithuanian Genealogy is not an easy one. Expect long waiting periods and a lot of contradiction along the way. Hopefully the links and information provided below will help make your search easier.

The Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society is one of the most useful resources available to you. Joining this society should be the first thing you do.


You can find a wealth of support via their social media groups!

Another suggestion is writing a letter to possible "relatives" in Lithuania. Once you narrowed down your search to a particular area in Lithuania, you can search your surname in the TAKAS phone directory, compose and send a letter to those who MAY be related. If you search your surname and do not find many, it may be beneficial to write all of them! You can write your letter in English (most Lithuanians speak English or know someone who does) or or use this link and a guide to writing a generic letter in Lithuanian.

Writing to Lithuania
Lithuanian Genealogical Society
Research in Lithuania

Once you have established your roots in Lithuania, you can begin your research at The Lithuanian Archives. When writing to the archives, you must send all of the information you have on your ancestors FROM Lithuania. Currently there is a 3 year wait, but well worth it.







Currently, your best bet is to hire a private researcher. You may think it's expensive, however you can find one that's very reasonable (and reliable). Seek out suggestions through Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society Facebook Group or they have a small list posted on their website.


Useful Lithuanian Links


Over the years I have compiled many many links relating to Lithuania, it's history and genealogy in Lithuania. You can find a complete list here.

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