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One of the most frequent questions I hear on the genealogy boards are: "Can some one help me write a letter to possible relatives in Lithuania?" Generally the letters are sent to names are found in the TAKAS phone directory, others are sent to known relatives and possibly ancestral home Parishes. with the help of fluent speaking Lithuanian nationals (a special thanks to Laura Boziene) a simple, to-the-point letter has been broken down for you to insert your own information. This letter was structured to be sent with a "descendants list." Any question, feel free to drop me a line. See an error? Let me know. More questions and still need something translated? The Facebook group for Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society is extremely useful!


To research the Lithuanian Archives, please contact Alius. He did much research for my family.

This was about 15 yers ago, hopefully he is still around doing research because

he was fantastic to work with and very fast!




English Lithuanian
Hello, my name is _______________. Labas, Mano vardas yra  ________________.
I am currently researching my family roots and the villages they derive from.
Dabar tyrineju šeimos genealogijos medi. Noriu ir susipažinti su tais kaimais is kur proteviai kilo.
I am not sure if there is a connection between our families, however I hope you take a few moments to read my letter.
Nežinau ar musu šeimos yra sujunktos giminystes ryšiaias, bet turiu vilti kad Jus perskaitysit mano lai^ska.
My great great grandmother, ____________ [grandmother, great grandmother ]
Mano proprosenelė, __________________   [senelė, prosenelė ]
and her husband __________ have roots in this area.
ir jos vyras ____________ yra kile nuo  šito krašto.
   [Name]      was born around   [year]    in                              Village.
__[name]__ gime apie __[year]____ m. _________ kaime.
She is the daughter of __________ and __________
Jinai yra dukte ___________ ir _____________
He was born      [birth date]     in   [Place]   Village and baptised in the   [Parish]   Roman Catholic Church.
Jos vyras jis gime _[Date]_,   [villiage/town]   kaime. Buvo krikštytas   [Parish]   bažnyčioje.
On       [Date]        ,    [groom]    and      [bride]       were married in      [Parish]      Roman Catholic Church.
   [groom]    ir    [bride]   apsivede     [Parish]     bažnyčioje _[Date]_ .
You can find my relations in the Villages/Parishes of __________, ____________, and _____________.
Galiu as rasti gimines __________, _________, ir __________.
________ and ________'s children [grandchildren and great grandchildren] were also born in this part of Lithuania.
_________ ir ________ vaikai (ir vaikaicizi ir ju vaikai) irgi buvo gime šitam rajone Lietuvos.
To briefly explain why I am writing; I hope you might be able to provide my family and myself more information on this area that we only see in pictures.
Rašau Jums su viltim kad gal but galetumet suteikti mums žiniu apie šita krašta, kur dabar tik galime matyti paveikslais.
One day soon, we hope to visit but until then, we have to rely on the internet and books. I am also hoping you may be able to help us discover more about our family.
Viena diena, turime vilti kad galesim aplankyti Lietuva, bet ligi to laiko turime informacija gauti iš knygu ir interneto.
We have researched the Lithuanian Archives and even hired a private researcher. We have exhausted those efforts.
Mes ištyrinejom Lietuvos Archyvus, ir buvom net pasamde privatu tyrinetoja. Jau baigem tas pastangas.
It was suggested we write to you. Mums patare parašyti Jums.
My family and I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.
Mes butumem nepaprastai dekingi, jeigu galetumet parašyt mums betkokia informacija.
I am enclosing a copy of our      surname        family descendant chart. I hope this will be helpful. Siunčiu kartu kopija     surname      šeimos genealogijos medžio diagrama - gal bus naudinga.
Besides the names mentioned above, you can also find the following surnames throughout my family tree: _______,  __________, and ________. Šičia yra prirašyta daugiau pavardžiu: _______, _________,  ir ________.
 You can see on an attached descendant chart who is directly related.  Galima matyti giminystes ryšius.
If you have connection to the internet, you can visit my family tree website at [insert your url here] and you can email me back at your email address
Jeigu turite galimybe prisijungti prie interneto, galite aplankyti mano šeimos genealogijos medžio tinklapi: [insert your url here]  Galite man siusti emaila šituo adresu: your email address .
I know what I am asking takes a great effort on your part. I appreciate anything you may be able to do. I look forward to hearing from you.
Žinau kad ka aš pra^au žymiai Jus sutrukdytu. Bet bučiau labai dekinga jeigu galetumet ka nors parašyti. Labai laukiu Jusu laišklelio.
My Email Address is  email address or write me at:
Your Name
City, State   ZIP
Mano adresas   [email address]   arba:
Your Name
City, State   ZIP
With respect, or respectfully yours Su pagarba,

Below you will find helpful statements when writing to
the local Parish Priest.

Enclosed is a donation to your church and for your efforts. Ideta yra auka bažnyčiai ir už Jusu pastangas.
If there are docments available I would gladly make a donation in exchange for that information. Jeigu butu gaunamu dokumentu mielai atsiusčiau auka del tu žiniu.
If there are any parishoners with the following surnames: ___________, ________, _________, __________, or ________. would you please pass this letter onto them. I would like to see what they may know.
Jeigu butu parapijiečiu turinčiu šias pavardes: ___________, ________, _________, __________, arba ________, galbut galetumet šita laiška jiems duoti. Galbut jie ka nors žinos.
Perhaps the Elder of the village would know something about my family. O gal kaimo seniunai ka nors žinotu apie mano gimines.



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