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Last Updated December 28, 2007

The Bender history is slowly starting to unravel itself. The information known by my family is available here. The German meaning of Bender : 1. occupational name for a cooper, a short form of Fassbender  2. Occupational name for a cooper, (standard German Fassbinder) from Middle High German faz �cask�, �barrel� + binder �joiner�. This is a term used in northern Germany; terms used in other German-speaking regions are B�ttcher, B�ttner, K�fer, and Sch�ffler.

So far we know that my great grandfather's family is of German descent. According to census records, his Father was born in Baden Germany as well as his mother. Vital Records (Burial and Census) show Mary (Mollie) Bender's birth year ranging from 1888 to 1892. A birth certificate has yet to be found. Her death certificate reveals her parents as George Bender of New York and Ellen McMahon of Ireland. 

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   Here are some highlighted facts about our family ::

I can trace our Bender roots as far back as 1844 to George Bender, born in New York

The parents of George Bender, according to US Census records, were both born in Baden Germany. Their names are currently unknown.

George Bender married Ellen McMahon of Ireland around  1865.

It appears as if the Bender clan traveled and moved around quite a bit. In 1870, they appeared in two US Federal Census; New York and Michigan

Between 1866 and 1868, George and Ellen lived New Orleans. By December of 1869, they were residing in Michigan.

By August of 1870, according to the US Census, George, Ellen and their children had moved to Buffalo, New York.

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